How to make your skin white Want to be white and clear naturally?

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I want white skin, what should I do? Many girls probably ask themselves this question time and time again. And try to find ways to make your skin white often. Today we bring you a simple way to make your skin white. But I got results. What must be done? Let’s see.

How to make your skin white Want to be white and clear naturally?

Exfoliate your skin every week.

Exfoliating is a simple way to make your skin white. But it got results quickly. Even though immediately after scrubbing, the skin will not be very white. If you look carefully, you will find that our skin is white, bright, radiant, and still smooth and soft to the touch immediately after scrubbing. Girls can pick up the raw materials for scrubbing the skin, which are granules. Exfoliating scrubs that are commonly sold in the market. Or turn to using exfoliating ingredients that are easy to find around you. Whether it’s tamarind scrubbing the skin This tamarind scrub formula is very popular among girls. It also gives good results. You can also scrub your skin with papaya, honey, yogurt, lemon, olive oil, oatmeal and fresh milk, etc., mixed with sea salt. Then exfoliate the skin to help stimulate the shedding of old, deteriorated skin cells. Causing new skin cells to replace The ยูฟ่าเบท skin will be white and bright. It is recommended to exfoliate your skin with these natural formulas 1-2 times a week. Your skin will definitely be naturally white and bright.

White skin with AHA

AHA or fruit acid, ladies, can buy it at general pharmacies or beauty clinics by applying it on the face 2 times a week. AHA will help stimulate old skin cells. It died and fell out. It is another way to whiten your skin that doesn’t require any clear-face formulas. However, when using AHA you must be very careful about exposure to the sun. Because it can make your skin more delicate and sensitive to the sun.

Nourish your skin with whitening.

If you want to have white, clear skin easily, girls must choose to apply a skin cream that is specifically formulated for whitening. Apply after showering in the morning and evening. And you should reapply it before going to bed so that the nourishing cream can increase its efficiency in making your skin white continuously. For the daytime, apply whitening as usual. Then apply sunscreen. Just this will make your skin white and clear naturally.

Apply sunscreen.

In addition to whitening the skin The next important thing that girls It should not be neglected. Applying sunscreen. Because when we exfoliate The skin becomes more fragile and sensitive to the sun. It is recommended to apply sunscreen with SPF 50, which is very suitable for our sunshine because this is the secret to truly making your skin white. It also helps protect the skin from dullness.

And this is how to make your skin white. Everyone can follow it easily. No need to use any messy whitening or clearing face formulas. Just exfoliate your skin every week. and apply skin whitening cream Especially sunscreen that should not be neglected. If you take care of your skin regularly like this Definitely white and clear skin