7 ways to treat back acne completely No need to risk using chemicals to damage your skin.

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Acne on the back is considered a very annoying problem for girls because it is considered a problem that is difficult to take care of. Moreover, it is not easy to cure completely. And some people almost have to invest a lot to treat back acne. Today we will invite you to treat back acne in a way that doesn’t require chemicals. Let me tell you that this method may not give quick results. And it takes a while. But you can definitely be confident in your safety.

7 ways to treat back acne completely No need to risk using chemicals to damage your skin.

1. Clean your back regularly.
Start by cleaning your back regularly. Especially during the shower You should use a loofah or abrasive tool to clean your back regularly. This is in order to remove skin cells. And reduce acne scars on the back at the same time. Don’t forget that we usually shower and rub our backs roughly. Sometimes I can’t reach my hand to scrub my back. There is a chance that bacteria or various dirt There can still be residue left.

2. Apply Tea Tree Oil to treat acne on the back.
After cleaning the back You should continue with skin care. It is recommended to apply Tea Tree Oil, an oil extract that helps kill bacteria and fungi in the pores. Which is considered the main cause of acne. For the use of extracted oil You should use a cotton swab dipped in it. Then take it and touch it. in the area with acne It will help reduce inflammation well. It also helps reduce redness from acne.

3. Treat acne scars with aloe vera.
For those who cannot buy Tea Tree Oil, you can use Aloe Vera instead. Because aloe vera helps treat acne very well as well, because the properties of aloe vera help reduce inflammation, reduce scars, and reduce dark spots very well.

4. Wear clothes that are well ventilated.
Wearing clothes that can breathe well Helps reduce acne on the back. while wearing tight clothing Will cause dampness. and can cause an accumulation of dirt In addition, the fabric frequently rubs against the skin. Can also cause irritation to the ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app skin. And that will make back acne more difficult to cure.

5. Eat vegetables and fruits regularly.
Eating vegetables and fruits It’s like adding vitamins to the skin. Especially citrus fruits, tomatoes, papaya or mangosteen, they help reduce skin inflammation. It also helps add moisture to the skin as well. But it is recommended to eat with plenty of water. You will see results faster.

6. Avoid fried, greasy, and sweet foods.
In addition to choosing to eat vegetables and fruits and drinking plenty of water, avoiding certain types of food such as fried food, greasy foods, and desserts can help heal back acne, for example: together This is because fried, greasy, and sweet foods will cause the body to produce more inflammatory substances than before. It also causes cells within the body to become inflamed.

7. Don’t let your hair touch your back.
During the time when the girls I have acne problems on my back. I suggest you don’t let me go. Try to pull your hair up so that it doesn’t touch your back. Because our hair always produces oil to add moisture. If the hair is allowed to touch the skin on the back Oil or various impurities Those that are on the hair often touch the skin on the back. And that will cause an accumulation of bacteria. As well as causing acne.

For any girls who are worried about acne problems on their backs. and did not dare to wear open-backed clothes Try giving yourself a little more time to heal naturally. This may need to be done gradually to get good results. But be assured that the methods mentioned above are absolutely safe for the skin. Because it is a method that does not use chemicals to harm the skin.