Trent’s actions during the British national anthem got fans furious

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It’s called the Trent action. Alexander-Arnold The Liverpool defender during the England national anthem has left fans outraged for their comments on the striker.

There is an English saying that Three things in this life that one faces: death, taxes and divided opinions Trent Alexander-Arnold. Some see the Liverpool star as the undisputed best right-back. while a few others think he is a real defensive problem. but by any means He made people talk about him. And that’s what happened between The national anthem is sung before England’s 1-0 defeat against Hungary in the UEFA Nations League in Budapest on Saturday, June 4, 2022.

         This isn’t the first time Alexander-Arnold has silenced as his England teammates sing God Save the Queen in a loud voice. This caused a fierce reaction on social media, especially when the game took place around the UFABET time a celebration to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th reign, or called ‘Platinum Jubilee’ which was held between 2-5 June 2022 ago.

         In this event, people from Liverpool or people. A portion of Liverpool’s Liverpudlian wasn’t too into patriotism also applauded. The 23-year-old for his intense Scouser blood. Fans’ opinions Who sees that the Reds right-back does not make any mistakes, such as “good boy Trent Scouser 100%” or another person who said that “Trent understands. Build a statue for him at Anfield.”

         Their stance against the national anthem was no surprise. Especially after thousands of Liverpool fans booed the anthem ahead of last month ‘s FA Cup final against Chelsea . They also booed. Prince William Duke of Cambridge including the Christian hymn Abide With Me , which angered many as Alexander-Arnold did on Saturday.

         As for the fans who disagreed, commented with dissatisfaction such as “I can’t stand this guy. If you don’t want to associate with the British, don’t play for them.” , “Is the Scouser not British? Okay, we don’t care. Get out of the team, mate.” , “It’s funny that he’s anti-national anthem but not ready to withdraw from the national team. He’s happy to criticize England so harshly. but will use the national team for the benefit of his football career.”

         But there are opinions that look at this matter in a neutral way. “It would have been nice if he cried, but to be honest, as long as he didn’t disrespect him. Refusing to sing the national anthem isn’t new, because Wayne Rooney doesn’t really like it and neither does Gary Neville, nor does it. In any case, what fans should be more worried about is the team’s horrible on-field performance, especially as Gareth Southgate’s side are among the favorites to win the World Cup later this year. !