Reveals what Zinchenko demanded after Ukraine narrowly lost to the World Cup

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Manchester City defender Oleksandr Zinchenko has revealed his feelings. After his national team’s defeat to Wales in the World Cup qualifying play-off final last night

 Ukrainian forward Roman Yaremchuk can’t hold back tears. As he walked to thank the fans from his country. After their World Cup dreams ended last night (Sunday 5 June 2022) at the hands of Wales. Although this game they will create many opportunities. But Ukraine were unable to pass through Wayne Hennessey’s hand and their lack of scoring sharpness was devastating when Andre Yamo ‘s own goal came in. Lenko made Wales qualify for the World Cup. Final in Qatar

          Around 2,000 Ukrainian fans took to the Cardiff City Stadium where they rallied to the UFABET team. after the final whistle. and the players returned with a round of applause. On an emotionally charged night in the Welsh capital. This can be seen in Yaremchuk’s deep regret. Back at the end of February Many were unsure of their chances of qualifying for the World Cup after. Ukraine was invaded by Russia.

         After coming through the play-off round. It appears that the semi-finals of Ukraine and Scotland scheduled to take place in March. Have also been postponed and rescheduled to June 1. A number of Ukrainian teams have not competed in the official tournament for months due to the attack of their country. But they put together a huge effort against Scotland to a 3-1 win at Hampden Park on Wednesday, meaning just one more win will see them qualify for the World Cup. Finally , for the second time in their history.

         The Ukrainian general received a lot of encouraging messages ahead of the playoff final from soldiers on the front line in his home country. The whole country was behind them. and various countries The world is cheering for them as well. Prior to the game , Ukraine defender Ruslan Malinovsky told Sky Sports : “(about people in my home country) we miss them every day. And I’m very happy that we gave you such a good feeling. little for them in this regard. and also for our country And they were a little happy.”

         “I hope they will work in our country. And we’ll just do our job in the field. We try to do it again with something special. We’ll try.” “(About the message from Ukraine) Lots of messages say ‘Keep trying everyone’ and ‘We are so proud of you’ and many soldiers sent us messages. We knew before the game against Scotland. It’s not easy to play a physical game.” “There will be a lot of duels. But we don’t lose often, and they (the soldiers) said, ‘The last step You guys have to do this.'”

          After the game , Oleksandr Zinchenko called for an end to the conflict, telling Sky Sports : “Everyone has to keep fighting. We as footballers need to represent our country as much and as best as we can.” “We have to show people that everyone wants to live in peace. And we must stop all wars together. Because you never know what will happen tomorrow.” “Today is Ukraine, but tomorrow, the Russian invasion may be your country. So that’s why we have to be united and together.”

          He also added that “The Wales goalkeeper (Wayne Hennessey) did an incredible job, absolutely man of the match. We leave everything in the field.” “ In general, I think we don’t deserve to lose. but that’s football It happened.” “Football is all about emotion. We can bring good vibes to our fans, but unfortunately today we didn’t get the results we wanted . that chance I feel sorry for them and all the supporters around the world who have supported us.”