‘Milner’ is OK to extend the contract with the Swans for 1 year, expected to announce this week.

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Versatile midfielder James Milner has been linked with a one-year contract extension at Liverpool. Which would mark his 21st year in the Premier League to be confirmed this week.

The Athletic the trusted media in the elite News reports that James Milner. A highly experienced midfielder. Agreed on a new contract with Liverpool for another year after the original contract expires this summer. An official announcement will be made later this week. As a result, becoming a Premier League player with more than 2 decades of football.

Former England midfielder 36 years old is understood. Has accepted a huge wage cut to stay at Anfield by refusing offers to make wages more. This includes a two-year deal with two Premier League clubs and one in Major League Soccer USA. But no names have been released.

with his contract expiring at the end of June Versatile kicker can move to play for free to other teams Without going through the agency, but Jurgen Klopp, the German coach, emphasized that the players are essential to the UFABET team’s continued success. whether it’s about experience and physical fitness

The report states that A deal has been reached in the last 48 hours and is expected to be confirmed this week. Which will enter the 21st year in the top-flight league He made his debut for Leeds United at the age of 16 in 2002 and has played for Aston Villa, Newcastle United and Manchester City , with 588 Premier League appearances, the most. Fourth in race history

For Milner, moving from the Blues to play for the Reds since 2015, played a total of 289 games in all competitions over the past seven years, scoring 26 goals, in the past, winning the Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup and UEFA Champions League 1 each with the club The future is expected May step up to be one of the staff of the next team