Liverpool 2-0 Everton: Collected after the Premier League Merseyside Derby game, the Reds slaughtered the Blue Toffees.

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Mo Salah scored 2 goals to lead Liverpool to a 2-0 derby win over. Everton and set a new record as the player who scored the most home goals in club history!

Liverpool 2-0 Everton: Collected after the Premier League Merseyside Derby game, the Reds slaughtered the Blue Toffees.
list:Football English Premier League 2023/24
Race day:Saturday, October 21, 2023
Competition results:Liverpool 2-0 Everton

Everton 10 performs better than expected

Before this game, many people expected that the game would not be a difficult task for Liverpool. Both from their recent performance and being able to play at home. Plus today “Jaan Young” was attacked by Luis Diaz. So hard that he got two yellow cards and a red card and was chased off the field in the 37th minute. That made it seem like the Reds’ job would be even easier, but… the actual

game picture was not like that at all. Because after being at a disadvantage regarding the players. The visiting team decided to shut down the offensive game and retreated to park the bus at full speed. With almost no space for the home attackers to play. Most of the balls were knocked and knocked outside the box and most. Of the finishing moments were long shots that barely hit the target. At that time, the home team’s game looked very awkward. Which must be praised by Jurgen Klopp decided to fix the game, dared to change the defense and sent the attacker down full force until finally getting a penalty.

The goal came out to take the lead before Salah added a second goal in the counter attack at the end of the game. Despite returning home empty-handed. I have to praise the remaining 10 visitors from the first half, but they put pressure on Liverpool. So well that if they hadn’t conceded a penalty, they would have had a high chance of having one. You can get points in your hand.

Salah breaks club legend’s record

Mo Salah’s two goals in this game made the Prince of Egypt the player who scored the most goals at Anfield in the club’s history with 105 goals, surpassing two legends like Steven Gerrar. and Sir Kenny Dalglish, who has already scored 104 goals and has the opportunity to continue increasing his own statistics as well.

The approach still lacks many dimensions.

In this game, as mentioned above, after Everton was down to 10 men, they completely blocked it, parking a bus completely blocking the double-decker goal, until Liverpool had no space to play in the penalty area at all. It was clear that after being heavily blocked, the Reds themselves did not have enough tricks to penetrate the visiting team’s defense, who were willing to let them control the ball outside the danger zone but not enter the final area. Liverpool also tried to find a way. Other ways to do it are long shots or thrown balls, but they don’t seem to be good enough. Fortunately, they ended up getting a penalty kick, which made the game more relaxed. Otherwise, you might have to cheer like this until the end of the 90 minutes.

The Reds are ranked third.

3 points in this game makes Liverpool with 20 points from 9 games played, temporarily ranked 3rd in the table, behind Manchester City, the leader who today beat Brighton and Arsenal, who held on to a draw with Chelsea. 1 point only But it is still necessary to wait for the results of Spurs’ competition that will meet Fulham as well because the Golden Spurs themselves have the same 20 points but have not yet played a game this weekend, while Everton is still Ranked 16th with 7 points, 3 points clear of the relegation zone after the 9th game of the ufabet season.