Haaland delighted in front of the Swedish defender after being scolded with rude words

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New Manchester City forward Erling Haaland celebrates in front of Alexander Milosevic after he was scolded with foul language during last night’s UEFA Nations League match. come

 Erling Haaland had the opportunity to take revenge on Swedish defender Alexander Milosevic during their2-1 UEFA Nations League win over Norway on(Sunday 5 June 2022) In this UFABET game, the Norwegian striker scored two goals alone as the team won the second of two matches in League B Group 4. And these two goals also resulted in the national team’s aggregate goals. He rose to 19 goals, an incredible record.

Haaland’s first goal came in the 20th minute from the penalty spot before he added a second with his right foot with 20 minutes remaining , Manchester United ‘s Anthony Elanga did . A consolation goal for Sweden but not in time No one can stop Haaland wearing the Norwegian national team shirt. But it seems Milosevic doesn’t think that way!!!

AIK Solna’s defender opted to take an aggressive approach and use harsh words at Haaland during the game. And at least that’s the claim from the Norwegian star himself. When he revealed that the defender called him a ” bitch” and threatened to break his leg!!! And how did Haland respond? 90 seconds later he gave Norway a 2-0 lead and ran to delight in front of Milosevic. That’s a good way to keep your competitors quiet.

          “First of all, he called me. Bitch ,” Haaland told TV2. “I can say with certainty that I wasn’t.” “Second, he said he would break my leg. Half a minute later I scored. So that’s fine. ” It is worth noting that Milosevic. deny those claims “I wouldn’t say that,” he said. “It’s pretty rude to say what he said because I don’t speak Norwegian and I can’t speak Swedish. So I don’t know how we will communicate. I don’t speak English on the pitch, so it was special that he said things I didn’t say.”

          He went on to say that there were no conflicts. Between him and Haaland: “No, not really, to be honest,” Milosevic replied . “I’ve played in a number of games that I’ve been more annoyed with. ” Play the best he’s ever faced. When a reporter asked “Is he the best footballer you’ve ever met?” Milosevic replied “no.” “Almost the best?” Milosevic repeated, “No.”