Grading Chelsea and Arsenal players in the hottest Premier League game, the Gunners cheated death and won 2-2: Player Ratings

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• Important games that are being watched. London Derby at The Bridge
• Chelsea ran away 2-0 and almost made it 3-0, but in the end, Arsenal fought back to equalize 2-2
• And this is the score of the abilities of both Chelsea players. C and Arsenal for this game

Grading Chelsea and Arsenal players in the hottest Premier League game, the Gunners cheated death and won 2-2: Player Ratings

Programme: Football English Premier League 2023/24
Match date: Saturday 21 October 2023
Stadium: Stamford Bridge
Result: Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal

The big match of the Premier League week 9 saw Arsenal visiting their London rivals, Chelsea, who were the home team of the Blues, taking the lead 2-0 from a penalty from Cole Palme. Gore and Michail Mudrik’s cross, but when the 3-0 score was unsuccessful, Arsenal exploded with strength and came back from Declan Rice in the 77th and Leandro Tro. Ssar 84, resulting in Mikel Arteta’s team continuing their unbeaten run.

Chelsea player ratings

Robert Sanchez – 5,

narrowly missed from a corner early in the second half as the ball flew into goal. But still able to spring and parry excellently But it caused the ยูฟ่าเบท team to lose 1-2 goals from a missed ball that didn’t go straight to a friend, Declan Rice shot in the counter with a single hit. It was a very important turning point in the final draw.

Mark Gugureya – 8

Deployed at left-back in his preferred position. Even though he had to face the difficult task of taking care of Bukayo Saka, he did an excellent job throughout the game, a good form that doesn’t come often. It’s a shame that the team won’t be there at the end.

Levi Colville – 7,

linking up with Thiago Silva was not bad at all in shutting down Arsenal’s offense in the first half and for many minutes in the second half. But when you release space in the decisive moment, you immediately lose points.

Thiago Silva – 8

Excellent position in both the first and second half. Block the visiting team’s shot. And there was a hard tackle that made Gabriel Martinelli cry. Unfortunately, it was also a mistake by his team-mate’s goalkeeper. As a result, Kamchai was not successful.

Malo Gusto – 6

Almost had a good game. with the highest landing on the starboard side However, in the end, they did not follow Leandro Trossar to the max, losing the goal 2-2 and ending in a draw instead of a win.

Moises Caicedo – 7

Sweeps the game in front of the back with force and discipline. Focus on the defensive game especially without having to add a high level at all. Personally, I think it’s not bad. Just not enough to get the full 3 points.

Connor Gallagher – 7

runs up and down the entire field. Participate in both defense and attack as a midfield connector. It was also the start of Michailo Mudrik’s 2-0 goal.

Cole Palmer – 8

Shakes off injury problems from England’s youth team Come into the game by being the target of false nine. And took on the responsibility of killing the penalty with coolness to lead the score 1-0 from the 15th minute, plus almost added two points in half an hour. He flicked the shot with his left and missed the post just a little.

Enzo Fernandez – 7

had a chance to step in front of the penalty area just over a minute ago, but as usual, he darted it high over the crossbar. But after that, the form was considered to be at the same standard, controlling the ball smoothly, fighting hard, having high skills, only the final moment was not sharp.

Mikailo Mudric – 8,

played brightly at the start. Both called for a yellow card from Zinchenko and hit the ball onto Saliba’s arm until he received a penalty. Even at the beginning of the second half, the score added 2-0 from a lucky moment. Throw the ball at an angle and deflect it into the goal.

Raheem Sterling – 7

Normally deployed on the right wing. There was a small argument with Palmer over a penalty shootout. But the spirit was still high enough to congratulate the juniors who scored the penalty. But overall, it’s not considered a very outstanding game.


Nicholas Jackson (replacing Mikailo Mudrik 65) – 4

did very poorly with the only loose shot that had a chance to make it 3-0, but when he couldn’t do it, it was counted as one of The turning point is the same.

Noni Madueke (in place of Raheem Sterling 84) N/A

hardly had a chance to pull or touch the ball. with being on the field for the last few minutes

Reece James (in place of Cole Palmer, 84) N/A,

substituted for an equalizer. Having been on the field for less than 3 minutes, they were already shot 2-2.