Baccarat vocabulary with meaning that newbies should know

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Today I will explain about the term Baccarat. What does it mean? Most of them will be in English and will be a specific betting term. which newbies should study before going to enjoy betting Let’s go to study the basic vocabulary before anything. Let’s go and see.

The most common Baccarat terms

In addition to various formulas Used to bet and players should study the terms. related to betting so that there is no confusion while placing bets If the players study and understand the terminology And it will cause fun and can bet without hesitation, which the words that we have taken for example are all as follows

7 Baccarat Terms You Should Know

  1. BANKER is to predict the outcome of the banker’s card. whether it will produce more results or close to 8,9
  2. PLAYER is to predict whether the player’s card will issue a high point or close to 8,9
  3. BIG is a betting style that either side will draw an additional third card.
  4. SMALL is a type of bet that neither side will draw an additional third card.
  5. BANKER PAIR is a bet that the first two cards of the banker’s side are the same pair.
  6. PLAYER PAIR   is a bet that the first two cards of the Player’s side deal the same pair.
  7. PERFECT PAIR A bet on whether the first two cards of both sides are drawn. “Same pair cards” at the same time

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Basic Baccarat Betting Features

In terms of online baccarat betting, the main There will be dealers to distribute cards for us to choose to bet on on 2 sides, which are divided into BANKER, which is the banker’s side, and PLAYER is the player’s side. We will choose to bet on either side that we think will result in winning. There will be a countdown time for us to choose to decide to bet about 30-40 seconds.

Then the cards will be revealed. If either side has the most valuable points equal to 9 or close will be the winner and receive the prize money In addition to winning with the highest points. There are also additional rules added. For fun such as tie and pair bets which bets with this pair and tie The disadvantage is that it takes a long time. Will come out once, but the advantage is that if we win, we will get a maximum multiple of 8-11 times.

Examples of Baccarat betting patterns with prize money

Betting format Player (Player) payout ratio 1 : 1, for example, you bet on Player 100 baht. If the Player’s card point is greater than the Banker, it means that you win the bet. will receive a prize money equal to 200 total capital

Banker (Banker) betting style, payout ratio 1: 0.95 (minus 5% commission), for example, you bet Banker 100 baht, if Banker’s card point is greater than Player, it means you win the bet. And will receive a prize money of 195 total capital (minus 5% commission) when betting on the banker side.

The TIE (Tie) betting style is a bet that both sides will draw the same number of points. Which has a payout ratio of 1: 8, for example, bet that Player and Banker are tied for 100 baht. If the result of the card P-B is 9-9, it means you win the bet. and will receive a cool prize money of 900 including capital