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Monthly Archives: May 2023

Weight loss tips for older men It's easy to do. It works quickly.

Weight loss tips for older men It’s easy to do. It works quickly.

The elderly are obese or overweight. would certainly adversely affect health because it may result in diabetes Hyperlipidemia or various rheumatic bone diseases. Weight loss in the elderly should be done meticulously and attentively. Today we will talk about how to control a simple diet. not too heavy In order to

5 reasons why "losing weight" is not successful

5 reasons why “losing weight” is not successful

Many times we fail to lose weight. which we think we have tried hard But in the end, the result came out to fail. But if you know the reason why you can’t lose weight. Losing weight is not difficult anymore. Dr. Pramote Patcharamaneepakorn, a medical practitioner specializing in diabetes, thyroid